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Our values

Natural ingredients

Our products are made with nature's finest ingredients. We obtain our raw materials mainly from small producers and growers. We support the local economy and we are sure about the origin and freshness of the ingredients we use.

Science guarantees

Assured quality, safety and efficiency. All our products are manufactured and tested by laboratory equipment in accordance with the rules of Good Laboratory Practice by people with a proven scientific background.

Ecological inside out

We protect and respect the environment. We choose eco-friendly packaging from materials such as cloth, glass and recycled paper. We avoid plastic. We save resources and energy using "green" manufacturing methods and sustainable raw materials.

Truly handmade

Everything in our shop is made by hand and with great care. We produce in small batches only, taking our time to examine each and every product carefully. This is how we know that everything that comes to your hands will be unique and beautiful down to the smallest detail.

With character

Luxurious products inspired by Greek nature and mythology. In order to develop our products, we traced back to our roots, searched for traditional recipes and enriched them with innovative, high quality ingredients. We created a line of cosmetics that brings a relaxing atmosphere of wellness to your place.